Ohio – Butler Co.

Newspaper articles from Butler County Ohio:

The Daily Republican-News, April 17, 1908, pg. 12.  Hamilton, Ohio.
Mrs. James Rusk
Dead.  Wife of Hamilton Man Passes Away in Sidney Thursday.
Word received by James Rusk of this city, formerly of Oxford, Ohio, today brought the news of the death of his wife, Mrs. Elizabeth Rusk, in Sidney, Ohio.  Mrs. Rusk was nearly 80 years old and died at the home of her daughter, Mrs. C. E. Lowney, wife of the Rev. C. E. Lowney, a Presbyterian minister and former student of Miami university .  The remains will be taken to Oxford, Ohio, on Saturday and the funeral will take place from the home of Robert Rusk, a brother of Mr. James Rusk.  The Rev. Mr. Morrow of the Oxford United Presbyterian church will have charge of the services.

The Hamilton Daily News, March 10, 1930. page. 6.  Hamilton, Ohio.
Robert Rusk
, 69, Called by Death.
With the death of Robert Rusk Saturday night, at his home, 215 West Church street, came the end of a long and useful life.  Mr. Rusk had spent sixty-nine years as a resident of Oxford.

Born in Ballyborough, County Cavan, Ireland, December 27, 1844 he had accompanied the family to this country in 1853.  His parents, Mr. and Mrs. William Rusk, and their seven children, of whom Robert was the youngest, settled in Newburg, N.Y. at the age of sixteen Robert Rusk accompanied an aunt to Oxford.

His first, and in fact the only position he ever held after coming west, was at Oxford Female College.  On applying there Dr. Robert D. Morris, president of the college, asked the young Irishman if he had learned the Shorter Catechism.  The boy proceeded to repeat and on finishing was told by the worthy president that he was all right but in one respect, his youth, but that time would correct that.  He was immediately employed and for many years was known as steward and baker of the institution.  He remained with the college during the extent of his active life.

As a very young boy Mr. Rusk had been taught to make the fine lace and embroidery, for which Ireland has been famous.  Articles made in this way throughout the country were collected by an agent and sold in cities.  A garment made by the boy, not yet seven, was sold to Queen Victoria.  Learning of the youth of the maker, the queen sent him an extra English crown in payment.

The family crossed the ocean in a sailing vessel the trip taking three months.  Mr. Rusk has often told friends the hardships of that voyage.  Food gave out and many were near starvation on tehir arrival in America.

Mr. Rusk during his active years, was prominent in the United Presbyterian church, where for many years he led the singing.  He was an interesting man to know, a true friend to many and one of great benevolence.

Surviving is one grandson, John Manlove, of Minneapolis, and a nephew, Robert Rusk, of Maumee, Ohio.

Funeral services will be held in the United Presbyterian church, Tuesday at 2:00 p.m. The body will be taken there at 1:30 that friends may view it before the service.  Burial will be in Oxford cemetery.

The Hamilton Daily News, March 12, 1930. page. 7.  Hamilton, Ohio.
Rusk Funeral is Largely Attended.

Impressive funeral services for Robert Rusk, one of Oxford’s oldest and most highly respected citizens, were conducted by the Rev. James L. Thome Tuesday afternoon in the United Presbyterian church.

Many Oxford people, as well as scores from a distance were present to pay the last respcect to a friend of long standing.

The pallbearers were Joon C. Caldwell, Albert Douglass, E. C. Wright, Dr. A. M. Ramsey, F. W.  Finkbine, and John Beckett. Burial was in the family lot in Oxford cemetery.

The Hamilton Daily News, March 12, 1930. page. 7.  Hamilton, Ohio.
News In Brief.  Mrs. Kate Miller Little, of Hamilton, and Mrs. Ida Nesselhauf McAvoy, of Cincinnati were in Oxford yesterday to attend the funeral of Robert Rusk.

Over sixty years ago Mr. Rusk had been groomsman for the parents of both of these ladies.

The Hamilton Daily News, March 30, 1930. page. 7.  Hamilton, Ohio.
Church Named in Will of Robert Rusk.

Various bequests are made in the will of Robert Rusk, of Oxford, filed for probate Monday.  His watch, ring and chain are given to Robert Rusk Armstrong, of Newburgh, New York.  Books go to John Smith, of Hamilton, and the clothing to Stanton college, Kentucky.

Residue of estate is to be held in trust, by John C. Caldwell, the income to be paid to the wife, Jane Rusk, and at her death $50 goes to Oxford cemetery; $1,000 to John T. Manlove, Jr., of Denver, and the residue to the United Presbyterian church, of Oxford. 

Caldwell is named executor.  The will is dated October 15, 1923.

A codicil added April 22, 1924, makes a provision for payment of $2,000 to Jennie D. Quinn, a niece of Mrs. Rusk, who is also given the household goods, heirlooms and ornaments.


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