County Mayo

Oughaval Parish.  Murrisk Barony.  Westport Union.

18– Griffith’s Valuation.  Streamstown Townland.  Oughaval Parish.  Publication 213, page 96.  Ord. Survey 87.

  • #1b. Ellen Rusk is leasing house, office, and land from Earl of Lucan.  Lots 1a-e are a total of 28 acres, 3 rood, and 27 perches and appears to be divided evenly between 5 people.  Land is valued at 4 Pounds (per person).  Buildings are valued at 2 Pounds.

Other surnames in townland as Occupiers:  Gibbin, Rusk, Murdock, Doorus, Kelly, Donnelly, Fawden, Fergus, Giblin, Doris, Quigley, Coyne, Haveny, Carney, Quigly, Lawne, Dunbar, McAveagh, Lavelle, and Naven.   Charles F. Higgins is the immediate leasor for most property in this townland.  Other leasors are Earl of Lucan, and Ignatius Kelly.  Ignatius Kelly is leasing from Earl of Lucan.  Total acreage in townland:  136 acres, 2 rood, 22 perches.


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