PA Newspapers

1807-06-01. Poulson’s American Daily Advertiser. Pennsylvania.
Sheriff’s Sale. This Day. Philadelphia, May 20, 1807. By virtue of a Writ of Veditioni Exponas to me directed, will be sold, at Public Vendue, On Monday, The 1st of June next, at 8 o’clock in the evening, at the Merchants Coffee House.

All that certain lot or piece of ground, situate on the south side of Morris’s alley, in the city of Philadelphia, – containing in breadth east and west 45 feet 7 inches, and in length or depth 16 feet 3 inches on one side, and 18 feet 6 inches on the other side, or thereabouts, more or less, with a certain 3 story brick store thereon erected, – bounded northward with Norris’s Alley, eastward with a messuage and lot now or late of Thomas Smith and southward and westward with ground late of James Crawford. Subject to the payment of a yearly rent charge of 3 pounds to the heirs or assigns of Sarah Morris. Seized and taken in execution, as the property of Charles Crawford and William Rusk, and to be sold by John Barker, Sheriff.

1818-08-17/18/19. Franklin Gazette. Pennsylvania.
List of Letters remaining in the Philadelphia Post-Office, August 16, 1818.
William Rusk.

1819-04-29. Franklin Gazette. Pennsylvania
The Delaware Ox.
Was acknowledged by all who saw him to exceed in beauty of countenance, limbs, color and fine proportions, any animal of that kind ever exhibited in this market. He was of the Holstein breed; imported by Mr. Waln, of Philadelphia; was of the same age of Columbus, reared together for the two last years, and treated in the same manner, except that his allowance was a few quarts less per day. In reply to our enquiry on that point, Mr. Barney informed us, that by watching the appetite of these oxen, and carefully regulating their meal according to weather, they were kept always in good health, seldom failed to eat their allowance, and were never surfeited. He considers that, in the means of fattening cattle, this country posseses, in its Indiana Corn, and advantage over England, . . .

The two oxen in question were brought to this market in the steam boat from Frenchtown, and as the fact, though apparently trivial in itself, is a constitutional one, as relates to these oxen — we shall be excused for stating, that it took them three days to travel from Port Penn to Frenchtown; and the last day they could only be travelled 3 1/2 miles.

They were both sold to Messrs. G. and J. Rusk, Victuallers, in this Market, and by them slaughtered on the 18th day of March – the prime pieces were sold for 50 cents per lb!

Their weight, ascertained with great care and exactness, here follows. . . .

1819-07-10. Franklin Gazette. Pennsylvania
Present Prices of Country Produce.
Live Stock — Fourteen bullocks, sold by Mr. Wilson, near Charlestown, Va. averaging about 750 wt. each, to the Messrs. Rusks, for dolls. 8 50, per cwt. The meat, such as we saw in Mr. Rusk’s stall, was equal in fine quality to any we ever saw; it sold, the prime pieces, for 12 1-2 cents per lb. . .

1819-08-21. Franklin Gazette. Pennsylvania.
Prices of Country Produce in the Baltimore Market.
. . . Mr. Rusk purchased during the last week, 15 fatted cattle, picked from a drove of 25, for which he paid $8 50 per cwt. American Farmer.

1819-11-27. Franklin Gazette. Pennsylvania
Present Prices in this Market.
. . . Sixty head of cattle, were purchased the last week, by Mr. John Rusk, for $6; Also 23 from Delaware, fatted by Mr. Extine, and of a superior quality, were purchased at $7.

1820-06-12. Franklin Gazette. Pennsylvania
From the Baltimore Federal Gazette.
On Wednesday afternoon, “the Maryland agricultural society” had their semiannual meeting at the Pavillion Garden, in the city of Baltimore. The company was numerous and respectable. General Ridgely, Mr. William Patterson, Mr. Henry Thompson, Mr. William Gibson, Mr. George Rusk, and others, exhibited a great variety of most beautiful and valuable neat cattle, consisting of some full blood and some mixed, of the Bakewell, the Alderny, the Devonshire, and the best Dutch and Irish breeds. . . .

1852-06-12. The Pennsylvania Freeman.
The Cholera in the West, Cincinnati June 8 (News Article) The Cholera broke out at Marysville, Ky., on Saturday last, since which 25 cases have occurred, 20 of them proving fatal; four are now sick, and not expected to live. All the deaths but one have occurred within a half square and there have been but three cases outside this infected district. Among the deaths were Mrs. Rusk and three daughters, and two more children of the same family will probably die. There is but very little sickness in Cincinnati or in the interior towns.

1857-08-05. The Press. Pennsylvania
Death of the Hon. Thomas J. Rusk of Texas. . . .

1857-08-05. Press. Pennsylvania
Suicide of Senator Rusk.
New Orleans, Aug. 4. – Advices from Texas stat that Hon. Thomas J. Rusk, United States Senator from that State, committed suicide, at his residence, on the 29th(?) ult., by shooting himself through the head with a rifle. No cause is assigned for the act.

1857-08-26. Press. Pennsylvania
Shipping News.
List of Arrivals at the Prinicipal Hotels. . . Madison House – Second street above Market.
E. H. Rusk, Phila.


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