Welcome to my Rusk pages.  I recently started a Rusk DNA project, and as part of this effort, I’m adding information about various Rusk families in the U.S. and abroad to this Web site.   To start with, I’m revisiting old issues of the Rusk Roundup, which were published in the late 1970s and early 1980s by the Rusk Family Organization.

If you would like to join the Rusk DNA project, you can view the current results and order a test kit from my Web site at FamilyTreeDNA:

John LaMont
Descendant of David Rusk and Mary Bailey of Baltimore, Maryland.


3 Responses to “Rusk”

  1. Dave Brauer Says:


    Resending below. I will be leaving for Japan on the 21st. It would be good to resolve the question of the binders before then. I will try to scan the table of contents and forward to you if you reply to my email.


    You seem to be acting as a general librarian for this site. My Great Grandmother’s mother was born Cooley. Two of David Rusk Sr.’s (c1769-1836) daughters, Mary and Margaret married Cooley brothers. Elizabeth L. Rusk, wife of Clarence Orville Rusk of Indiana, compiled 2 fat binders of genealogical material on the Rusk family. She send copies to my mother, Mary E. Waldorf, who was also researching family genealogy, and contributed to the chapter on Margaret and Mary.. Clarence was son of David, son of Dennis, son of David Rusk and Martha Ball, son of David Rusk Sr.

    Are you aware of this material? Has it been scanned and made available to your family? Shall I send it to you, or is there anyone else who would be interested?

    Dave Brauer, 6th generation descendant of David Rusk, Sr., by way of Margaret Rusk and Samuel Means Cooley.

  2. Daniel Rusk Says:

    Yes am Daniel Rusk, father Henry Rusk, his father Thomas Rusk. From Louisiana, I live in Kentucky now, can anyone help me,
    Thank you Daniel Rusk

    • johnlamont Says:

      Most Louisiana Rusk lines go back to brothers Elam S. Rusk or Thomas J. Rusk and their father William Rusk. William Rusk was very likely the son of Elam Rusk of Baltimore, Maryland. From Elam there are two generations of Davids where it dead ends. The Rusks are primarily scots-irish. Does the following 1940 census look like a match for your grandfather Thomas and father Henry?

      1940 U.S. Census. Simmesport, Avoyeles, Louisiana.
      –Thomas J. Rusk, age 39, b. abt. 1901, LA. Occup: Fireman.
      –Ruby Rusk, age 35, b. abt. 1905
      –Edwin Rusk, age 13, b. abt. 1927
      –Thomas J Rusk, age 12, b. abt. 1928.
      –Grace Rusk, age 11, b. abt. 1929.
      –Henry Floyd Rusk, age 9, b. abt. 1931.
      –Eltah Ray Rusk, age 3/12, b. abt. 1940.

      John LaMont

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