Earliest Known Rusk Ancestors

Rusk Roundup, Spring 1983, pp. 7 – 14.

RFO members’ earliest known Rusk ancestors. . .

In the Winter 1980 Rusk Roundup we first presented this feature article.  In the ensuing two years RFO has acquired over 100 more members and many more Branches.  We report with pride that we have been able to fit several of our 1980 Group II Branches into Group I Branches.  Doing so has involved much research and evaluation of evidence and those members involved are to be commended.

As in 1980, our list will consist only of the Earliest Known RUSK Ancestor and his/her spouse in the lineage of current (thorough April only) 1983 Members of the RUSK Family Organization.  The list is divided into two groups: those Earliest Known Ancestors born before 1800 and those born after 1800.  The second group may – or may not – fit into a Branch listed in Group I.

Placement in a particular Branch is based on information presently available in the RUSK FAMILY ARCHIVES and/or in personal research files of RFO’s Research Staff.  Every effort has been made to insure accuracy.  If you have a question, an addition, a correction, please contact the Editor or Historian.

We are regretful that at the time this list was compiled there was not sufficient information in the RUSK FAMILY ARCHIVES to make an accurate evaluation of the British Isles RUSKS Branches.  We hope to present this in an early issue of Rusk Roundup as a separate compilation.

The Earliest Known Rusk Ancestors are listed alphabetically within each group. . .

Group I – Those Born Before 1800

  1. Anders Rusk and ? (ca 1450 in Sweden – ?)
    (Sweden to Finland to U.S.A. Branch)
    A history of this family is presently being translated into English.
  2. Benjamin B. Rusk and ? (ca 1745-60 – after 1820)
    (West Virginia Branch)
    Nothing is known about Benjamin’s birthplace or his parentage.  He died sometime after 1820 in West Virginia.
  3. David Rusk and Mary [Bailey] (early 1700s – after Rev. War)
    (Maryland Branch)
    A family historian, now deceased, believed that David was one of 4 brothers who sailed from Belfast, Ireland to America around the middle of the 1700s.  She gave other brothers’ names as John, Thomas and Jeremiah.  David settled in Maryland and saw Revolutionary War service.  [This is my line – DNA results show a 24 out of 25 marker match with James Henry Rusk of County Cavan, Ireland – see #6 in group 2.  Also, DNA results show a 37 out of 37 marker match with David Rusk of Montgomery Co., Indiana – see #5 in group 1. JL]
  4. David W. Rusk (1761-1843) and Jane ? (1766-1854)
    (Belmont County, Ohio Branch)
    Family has no knowledge thus far of whereabouts of David and Jane before their appearance in Washington County, Pennsylvania in the 1790’s.  See story in Rusk Roudup November 1979 issue. . .
  5. David Rusk, Sr. (1769-1836) and Margarett ? (1722-1832)
    (Montgomery County, Indiana Branch)
    This family does not know exact place of David’s birth but they are definite that he was of Scottish descent.  Earliest written record is a land purchase in Adams County, Ohio dated 18 November 1800.  It is believed that David had at least 3 brothers (Robert, James, and John) who also came to Montgomery County, Indiana.  See story in Rusk Roundup November 1979 issue. [This branch is represented in the Rusk DNA project and has matched 24/25 markers with James Henry Rusk, #6 in group 2, and 37/37 markers with David Rusk, #3 in group 1.  JL]
  6. David Rusk (1773-1841) and Jane/Jennett Gourley (1776-1854)
    (South Carolina – Georgia Branch)
    Four of David and Jane’s children, still alive at the time of 1880 U.S. Census, said their parents were born in “Ireland”.  Family tradition says that David came “from Londonderry”.  Earliest written record is a warrant for a land survey issued 15 August 1803 in Old Pendleton District, South Carolina.  It is believed that David had at least two brothers (John and James) who also came to South Carolina about the same time.  See story in Rusk Roundup Spring 1980 issue.
  7. James Rusk (1770s-1841) and Priscilla McDow (1774-1849)
    (South Carolina – Georgia – Illinois Branch)
    James and Priscilla were both born in Ireland.  In 1879 James’ son David said his father “came from County Antrim, Ireland to America in 1803”.  It is believed that James had at least two brothers (John and David) who also came to South Carolina.  See story in Spring 1980 Rusk Roundup.  This story to be updated in an early issue.
  8. James Rusk (1754-1839) and Ann Robb (1760-1838)
    (Perry County, Ohio Branch)
    Family tradition says James was born near Londonderry, Northern Ireland and came to America shortly before the American Revolution, in which he served.  It seems possible that he is a brother to the David Rusk of Belmont County, Ohio and also to a John Rusk.  See story in Rusk Roundup November 1979 issue.
  9. James Rusk (1777-1854) and Sarah French (1790-1871)
    (Warren County, Ohio Branch)
    James was born in “Ireland” but was in Warren County, Ohio by 1806 when he wed Sarah.  Family tradition says that he came to America in company with two brothers.  See story in Rusk Roundup Spring 1983.
  10. John Rusk (1750s-1844) and Mary Starrett (1780s-1850s)
    (South Carolina – Texas Branch)
    John was a stonemason who emigrated from Londonderry, Ireland in 1791, according to early biographers of his son, General Thomas Jefferson Rusk of Texas fame.  It is believed that this John Rusk may be a brother to the David Rusk and the James Rusk who also came from Ireland to South Carolina.  See story in Rusk Roundup Spring 1980 issue.
  11. Robert Rusk (1777-after 1850) and ?
    (Harrison County, Indiana – Clay county, Illinois)
    According to 1850 U.S. Census of Clay County, Illinois, Robert was born in Pennsylvania about 1777.  No knowledge of parents or siblings.  First written record is in a Harrison County, Indiana Stray Book for 1809.  Robert died in Clay County, Illinois sometime after 1850.
  12. William Rusk (1768-1840) and ? Murphy (?-1834/35 Ire.)
    (County Antrim, Ireland – New York Branch)
    Family tradition is that William was the youngest of 11 brothers and 2 sisters and that he was born in County Antrim, Ireland.  William came to America in 1839 and died in New York in 1840.  Nothing is known at present of his parents or the other 12 children.
  13. William Rusk (prob. 1790s – ?) and Elizabeth ? (?-?)
    (Howard County, Indiana Branch)
    Nothing really is known about where this couple were born or where they lived.  Their son, William, was born in 1824 in Whitley County, (state unknown) and died in Howard County, Indiana in 1877.

Group II – Those Born After 1800

  1. Albert Hardin Rusk (1852-1946) and Mary Hannah Eddy (?-1931)
    (Illinois – Nebraska Branch)
    Albert Hardin was born in Illinois, possibly Brown County, and died in Indianola, Warren County, Iowa.
  2. James Rusk (ca 1809-ca 1879) and Mary Ann Magill (ca 1823 Gib.-ca 1905 MI)
    (No. Ireland – Gibraltar – Canada Branch)
    James was born in Northern Ireland, and was serving in Imperial Army at Gibraltar when he met and married Mary Ann.  They emigrated to Durham County, Ontario Province, Canada around 1843.
  3. James Rusk (1802-after 1880) and Elizabeth ? (1814-after 1880)
    (Ireland to Orange County, New York Branch)
    James and Elizabeth and five children were born somewhere in Ireland.  They came to America (sometime in the 1850’s ?) and settled in Orange County, New York.
  4. James Rusk (mid 1800’s – ?) and Adeline ? (?-?)
    (A PA line ? or Ontario, Canada ? Branch)
    Family does not know where James was born, parentage, etc. but his son, Richard James was born in 1888 in Bracebridge, Muskoka County, Ontario Province, Canada.
  5. James E. Rusk (1870-?) and Floda C. Virts (1867-?)
    (Loudon County, Virginia Branch)
    James E. Rusk was born in Loudoun County in the Blue Ridge Mountains of northern Virginia and, apparently, he married and raised his family there.  His son, Harry Oswell, however, went to Canada and while there married an English girl; but they later returned to the United States and lived in Linn County, Iowa.
  6. James Henry Rusk (1820-1892) and Annie McQuaid (?-1866)
    (County Cavan, Ireland – New York Branch No. 1)
    Family tradition says James Henry was born in Tullybrick, Bailleborough in County Cavan, Ireland, married while in Ireland, and came with wife and one-year-old son, George, to America in 1848.  Two brothers, John and Robert, and two sisters, Martha and Eliza, also came to America in the 1850’s.  Story of this family is sceduled to appear in Summer 1983 Rusk Roundup.  [This branch is represented in the Rusk DNA project and has matched 24/25 markers with David Rusk, #3 in group 1, and David Rusk, #5 in group 1.  JL]
  7. James Robert Rusk and Mary Polly Ann Payton
    (Indiana – Oklahoma Branch)
    Better known as Robert – so see write-up under Robert Rusk, Sr.
  8. John Rusk (early 1800’s – ?) and Johanna Jones (?-ca 1849/50)
    (Ayrshire, Scotland to Illinois and Missouri Branch)
    John emigrated to America in 1851, shortly after his wife’s death.  See story of this family in Rusk Roundup Spring & Summer 1982 issue.
  9. John Rusk (1838-1906) and Marietta Terwilliger (Mrs. James Rusk)  (ca 1838-?)
    (County Cavan, Ireland – New York Branch No. 2)
    John came to America from County Cavan, Ireland at age 7 to join his brother James, and he married his brother’s young widow after his brother’s death in 1859.  They settled in New York State.  See story in Rusk Roundup Summer 1980 issue.
  10. Matthew Rusk and ?
    United Kingdom (Wales? or England?) to Philadelphia, Pennsylvania Branch)
    Family has no dates for Matthew but family tradition says he was born in Wales or England and probably around the first decade of the 1800’s.  He came to America and married and settled in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania where he had a brickyard.  He is known to have had a son Jacob Avery and a daughter Cass.  This is a very new branch in RFO and reesearch is just beginning. . . . Rusk family archives yields the following information: Accelerated Census Index for PA does not show a Matthew Rusk in any printed census Index.  Actual census for 1850 does show a Mathais Rusk (omitted in Index!!), age 40, with a 17 year-old son Jacob and living with DRUMMOND family “next door” is Catherine Rusk, age 6.  Listed occupation for Mathais and Jacob is Brickmaker.  They all live in Kensington section of Philadelphia.  (See Rusk Records from Here and There section of this issue of Rusk Roundup.)
  11. Rebecca Rusk (1823-1886) and Cornelius Toy (ca 1810-1881)
    (Chester County, Pennsylvania – Delaware – Iowa Branch)
    Rebecca was born in Chester County, Pennsylvania (county “next door” to City of Wilmington, Delaware where she married in 1844) but nothing is known of her parents or siblings.  This is another very new Branch in RFO and, coincidentally, also leading us into further research in Pennsylvania.
  12. Robert Rusk, Sr. (mid 1800’s – ?) and Mary Polly Ann Payton (1860-?)
    (Indiana – Oklahoma Branch)
    This Robert may be James Robert – there are two records in the Rusk Family Archives.  Robert and Mary Ann “Polly” were married in Indiana in 1874; one son, Robert, Jr. was born after his father’s disappearance on the old Chisum Trail in 1875.
  13. William L. (or S.) Rusk (1805-?) and Mary N. Selcer (1811-1833)
    (Mississippi – Louisiana Branch)
    Family tradition says this William descended from one of two brothers who settled in Maryland.  First record in Rusk Archives is 1830 Census of Washington County, Mississippi.  [This branch is very likely descended from David Rusk, #3 group 1, through 0ne of three sons who left Maryland for Kentucky in the earl 1800s.  The three sons are William, Samuel, and Elam.  JL] 
  14. William Thomas Rusk (1834-1876) and Jennie Dailey (1830-1917)
    (Kentucky – Iowa – Nebraska Branch)
    It is believed that William was born in Hardin County, Kentucky but no proof as yet, and no knowledge of parents or siblings.  He married Jennie in Ohio about 1863 and there is some evidence that this marriage may have been second or more for each.  William died in Union, Iowa in 1876.  Jennie and her 3 small children went to Sterling, Nebraska where she remarried.

31 Responses to “Earliest Known Rusk Ancestors”

  1. Robert Rusk Says:

    Re Item 6 James Henry Rusk my own family tradition is saying the same thing I have been unable to substantiate anything however
    I can trace my ancestors back to this village and district

  2. Ron Sorensen Says:

    Gladys Rusk born about 1888 in Missouri. She married Claude Hudspeth 7 Aug 1903 in Pemiscot, Missouri. They had their first child in Cape Girardeau, MO in 1904 and their second somewhere in Kentucky. They lived in Seattle, WA and finally in Butte Montana. Lots of family history forward from census records, but nothing going back on either side. I would love to find more information. One census indicates her father was born in Iowa while all the others show Missouri. Her granddaughter always thought that all her grandparents were Irish, but she doesn’t recall Gladys as having an accent. Claude Hudspeth died in 1918 and Gladys remarried by 1920 to Thomas McMahon who was from Ireland. They met in Montana. Gladys had seven children by Claude and lost one at birth and another at a young age. Claude worked as a railroad engineer moving timber and other materials. It seems he was in the northwest for about 10 years and then in Anaconda, Montana for the remainder. I do find them in Toole, Utah as well. If anyone has “Rusk” family information in WA, MO or KY it would be most interesting to see if I can connect her to her line.

    Thank you,


    • Jason Rusk Says:

      Hi Ron,

      My name is Jason David Rusk, Son of Debra Lyons and David L Rusk. His parents are Tommie Rusk and Effie Mae Dart. Then Tommie’s parents are Robert Rusk and Maud Evans. I am from the Tooele, Utah line you speak of. I know nothing yet beyond Robert Rusk which is my great grand-father. I am still searching.. I will update as I discover more information.

      Thank you,

      • Joel Says:

        Jason, have you found anyone prior to Robert Rusk? My lineage is through Robert’s son John. Robert would be my great great grandfather.

        Joel Rusk son of David Rusk and Debra Byrum. David is the son of Allan Rusk and Emma Lou Bastler. Allan is the son of John Rusk and Mary Hester. John being the son of Robert and Maud Rusk

  3. Scott Says:

    Good stuff. I can help you on the Rebecca Rusk branch if you are still developing it. I am a descendant from that line.

  4. Bill Williams Says:

    My great grandfather was James Rusk of Muskoka ( original settler in Bracebridge Ontario. ). I will forward you more info on him. He was born in Armagh Ireland.

    • johnlamont Says:

      Hi Bill, Thanks for the message. I’d love to get more information on your branch. Do you where in Armagh he was from? I have the 1871 & 1891 Canadian census along with some births in Ontario and a draft registration card for James Richard Rusk. I have that information posted on the Rusk Roundup Revisited Google site, which requires an invite. I can send you one if you like. Thanks again, John.

      • Bill Williams Says:

        John, sorry for the delay in responding. Should I forward info to you? What info would you like?

        I have a letter James wrote about being an original settler in Bracebridge. A cousin went to Ireland years ago (before internet) and researched the Rusk history. My James born Seagoe parish 1838, died in Bracebridge 1924. The research goes back 3 more generations to James Rusk born 1740 in Ireland.

        Please let me know where you would like any info sent.


      hi bill
      am Clarence rusk from Orangeville Ontario Canada.

  5. Kelly Says:

    Hi, I have a gg grandfather named William Rusk Edwards who was born in Baltimore on Feb 25 1819, but we don’t know who his family was. My family has been researching him for years to no avail. I think he may be related to your Baltimore Rusks. He moved to NC and we have his descendants from there. He had a son named Robert Stewart Edwards. Any information (or speculation!) you may have about Stewarts or Edwards connected to your Rusks would be wonderful.

    • johnlamont Says:

      Hi Kelly, Thanks for your post. I knew there was a Stewart / Rusk marriage in Baltimore, so I checked to see what I could find. Interestingly, there is a Margaret Stewart, daughter of Robert Stewart that marries William Rusk in Baltimore 1816. Margaret had a sister named Ann who married William Edwards also in Baltimore 1807. If this is the right family William Rusk Edwards would have been named for his uncle William Rusk. Then William Rusk Edward’s son Robert Stewart Edwards would have been named for his grandfather Robert Stewart. Looks pretty good! at least worth pursuing. Robert Stewart left property in Stafford County, Virginia

      Robert Stewart & wife Susanna. Children:

      –William Stewart
      –Ann Stewart. Married William Edwards.
      –Robert Stewart
      –Susan Stewart
      –Agnes Stewart
      –Margaret Stewart, b. abt. 1800, Maryland. Married William Rusk.

      I don’t have anything more on this family on the private Rusk Roundup Revisited Google site, but I can send you an invite if you like. I do have a few more details on these Stewarts that I can send you via e-mail. Thanks again for posting, John.

      • Dave Brauer Says:

        John, You seem to be acting as a general librarian for this site. My Great Grandmother’s mother was born Cooley. Two of David Rusk Sr.’s (c1769-1836) daughters, Mary and Margaret married Cooley brothers. Elizabeth L. Rusk, wife of Clarence Orville Rusk of Indiana, compiled 2 fat binders of genealogical material on the Rusk family. She send copies to my mother, Mary E. Waldorf, who was also researching family genealogy, and contributed to the chapter on Margaret and Mary.. Clarence was son of David, son of Dennis, son of David Rusk and Martha Ball, son of David Rusk Sr.

        Are you aware of this material? Has it been scanned and made available to your family? Shall I send it to you, or is there anyone else who would be interested?

        Dave Brauer, 6th generation descendant of David Rusk, Sr., by way of Margaret Rusk and Samuel Means Cooley.

  6. Cliff Rusk Says:

    item #2 – the above info regarding James Rusk and Mary Ann Magill was listed in the Rusk Roundup. below is the correct info.

    Marriages at St. James Anglican,Toronto, from Aug. 1836 Performed by H.J. GRASETT, Asst. Min in 1838
    On the 12th of May, 1838, by license, James RUSK, of the township of Cavan, in the district of Newcastle, bachelor, sergeant in the Queen’s Own Militia, and Mary Ann McGILL, of the city of Toronto, spinster. Witnesses, Samuel McGILL, Joshua REYNOLDS.

    • Tammy Cobbe Says:

      Hello Cliff, I am Tammy Cobbe great great granddaughter of your James Rusk (Mary Anne Magill) and granddaughter of Herbert Elmer Rusk born 14/06/1884.
      Do you have any information on where James Rusk was born in Ireland? What I have sleuthed on line shows Balliebourough Co Caven.

      Actually I’d like any other info you have. Family lore told us the James met Mary Anne Magill in Spain, but looks like it was wrong?

      Tammy Cobbe

      • Robert C Rusk Says:

        Robert Charles Rusk, I believe my branch comes from IL. Parents father Charles Arthur Rusk, Mother Mary Ellen Galumbo. I know I am related to Secretary of State Dean Rusk and I think is father was a preacher in the 1840’s. I also think I am related to the Rusk family in WestCliffe CO. Harvey Rusk passed a few months ago.

        On Sat, Apr 8, 2017 at 5:45 PM, Rusk Roundup Revisited wrote:

        > Tammy Cobbe commented: “Hello Cliff, I am Tammy Cobbe great great > granddaughter of your James Rusk (Mary Anne Magill) and granddaughter of > Herbert Elmer Rusk born 14/06/1884. Do you have any information on where > James Rusk was born in Ireland? What I have sleuthed on line show” >

  7. Julie clark Says:

    I am trying to find edward rusk born 1807 ireland. He married elizabeth (possibly hartley) before 1829 and they had 6 sons. One son richard rusk was born in 1848 in cavan ireland. There other sons were robert john james henry and edward. They all arrived in port phillip bay australia in 1851 aboard the harry lorrequer. My great grandmother used to write to her cousins in canada, so i wondered if they were related to the canada branch of rusks? Any help would be greatly welcomed 🙂

  8. James Rusk Says:

    I know my grandfather on my dads side live in mossuri and was raised there any idea on what branch I come from his name is Don rusk

    • johnlamont Says:

      If you have a few more details to send I’m happy to take a look. I know there was a branch descended from David Rusk, Sr. (Group1 #5 above) that ended up in Missouri. John

  9. clarence rusk Says:


  10. Marlena Says:

    Dave Brauer–Just read your information–Were the books ever compiled into a disk? years ago I had subscribed with my mother to Rusk Roundup and those originals have disappeared–don’t know if my mother got rid of or someone cleaning. so I find this redo of those papers interesting. We didn’t have this modern technology–I just resumed my searches after almost 30 years and found a lot of accuracy but I would be interested in your relatives information if it has been made available. Thanks for response. My mother was Doris Virginia Rusk and her father was born in Texas via Illinois Rusks. Thanks Marlena, Illinois

  11. Bob Perry Says:

    9. George Allen2 Culbertson (James1, JamesA) was born 04 Jan 1826 in Culbertson Station, Campbell Co., KY, and died 30 Aug 1899 in Rarden, Wayne Co., OH.

    He married Melissa Cassandra Rusk 10 Feb 1846 in Kenton Co., Ky, daughter of John Rusk and Mary Whaley. She was born 12 May 1824 in Campbell Co., KY, and died 15 Aug 1896.


    scroll down to 9. George Allen2

  12. andria rusk Says:

    Does anyone have more information on Robert Rusk and Mary McCauley from Pennsylvania?
    On the 1850 Clay Co, Illinois census she is listed at 63 and he at 73 (so born on 1787 and 1777 respectively). BUT, their first child, Daniel Rusk, is said to have been born in 1799 which would make Mary only 12 years old. His mother is said to have been 19 at his birth.

    Are the Robert and Mary on the 1850 Clay Co census the same as the Robert and Mary on the 1820 Harrison, Indiana census?

    I am looking for the lineage behind James O Rusk married to Olivia Jameson (James O son James M is our great-great grandfather)

  13. Leslie Says:

    I am doing the Rusk in Orange county NY . Do you have any info on them. Mine came over around 1850s. Like to know if james had siblings.etc
    James Rusk (1802-after 1880) and Elizabeth ? (1814-after 1880)
    (Ireland to Orange County, New York Branch)
    James and Elizabeth and five children were born somewhere in Ireland. They came to America (sometime in the 1850’s ?) and settled in Orange County, New York.

  14. Heather Brack Says:

    I am the descendent of James Rusk, (b.1740 in Ireland)m. to Sarah__________?
    His son was John (James) Rusk, b. 1767 in Ireland m. to Mary Belmer
    Their son Richard Rusk 1801-1887 married Jane Pedlow of Lugan, Cty. Armaugh, Ireland
    Their son was James Pedlow Rusk 1832-1874 m. to Eliza Livingstone of Ireland
    Their daughter, Eliza Rusk was b.1871 in Ontario, Canada m. John Spence Matches whose family came from Deerness, Orkney.
    I was born in Canada but live in Maryland, U.S.
    Would love to know more about this branch–where they come from etc.
    The Pedlows were in the Linen Trade; were the Rusks also?
    Thanks for any help.
    Heather Brack
    great granddaughter of Eliza Rusk

    • Marilyn Blomquist Says:

      Hi Heather, I am a gr grandaughter of Martha Rusk who was a sister of Eliza. Martha Rusk born 1856 and m. Capt. John Harold Spence at Southampton, Ontario. Her parents were John Rusk & Margaret Brown from Co. Cavan Ireland. I am interested in the Rusk lineage, I look forward to hearing from you. I can be contacted at :


  15. Jasper Says:

    I am Robert Charles Rusk, born in Ludington MI 1959. Parents Charles Arthur Rusk and Mary Ellen Rusk. Rusk side grandparents, born around Chicago IL. I am a cousin to ex secretary of state Dean Rusk. My Grandfather to my dad when he was little to play with Dean. I have cousins in CO.



  17. Robert Charles Rusk Says:

    I am Robert Charles Rusk, Born in Ludington MI 1959, siblings Cheryl Rusk, Aric Rusk and 3 from Charles Arthur Rusk, Barbra Rusk, Roxane Rusk and me.
    I know my branch is from IL and related to secretary of State Dean Rusk and his father was a Preacher in the 1840’s. Also I think I am related to the Rusk family in Westcliff CO. Harvey Rusk passed away several months ago, a very good man.

    • johnlamont Says:

      Hi Robert, Thanks for your post. Your branch is closely related to mine (see below). I think you’d be third cousins with my dad. I’m not familiar with Harvey, but many Rusk branches share a common ancestor in Scotland or Ireland based on yDNA results.

      John LaMont

      David Rusk
      –David Lewis/Louis Rusk
      —-Samuel Rusk and Mary Ann Henderson
      ——William Jasper Rusk (your line)
      ——-Charles A. Rusk
      ———Charles A. Rusk
      ——Theodore Rusk (my line)

  18. Robert Charles Rusk Says:

    Wow Johnlamont that is neat! So there is a William Jasper Rusk? Jasper is my nickname!
    I heard years ago that there were abt 12 original Rusk families that came to the USA. My sister Barbra Hatti Rusk/Worden has some research on our side but haven’t seen it.
    Harvey Rusks family in Westcliffe CO were a pioneer family In the Wet Mountain Valley, Cattle ranchers. I kept Bees on their ranch.
    So my side must be before 1800. My uncle Robert Charles Rusk was killed in WW2 on the island of bugonville. I am the last remaining blood son on my side. I have a daughter somewhere, maybe in OH.
    Maybe I should do the DNA thing but don’t know how to do it.

  19. Marlena Woll Says:

    Anyone out there who have following connection or information–David Rusk Sr born 1769 Brown County Ohio then on to Montgomery County, Indiana where he died in 1836. Tentatively I put his father as John born around 1745? and where? David’s son was William R. born in Kentucky in 1797 and died in Knox Co Illinois.in 1857 His son John Paul was born in Indiana in 1838 and died in Randall Co. Texas in 1910. His son Ralph Medway was born in 1871 in Moundsville Co Mo. and died in 1946 in Las Animos Co. Colorado. His son David Vance Rusk, my grandfather was born in 1872 in Randall County Texas and died in Mason County Illinois in 1948. He had married Daisy whose family went to Tx and during the Dust Bowl/depression moved back to Illinois as he did. Rusks from that area of Texas stayed in Texas, southeast Colorado or migrated to California during 1920 and 1930’s. As with all families, there are a lot of the same names Vance is a running name in the tree as David married a Margaret Vance. Any information? Thanks Marlena Woll

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