County Antrim

Rusks found in County Antrim. 

Irish Emigration Lists, 1833-1839. Lists of Emigrants Extracted from the Ordnance Survey Memoirs for Counties Londonderry and Antrim, compiled under the direction of Brian Mitchell.  Baltimore, MD, Genealogical Publishing co., Inc., 1989.  Ordnance Survey Memoirs.  p. 36.  County Antrim.  Parish. Glynn.

  • William Ruske, age 70, farmer.
  • James Ruske, age 45, farmer.
  • Wm. Alexander Ruske, Jun., age 19, painter.
  • John Ruske, age 17, labourer.
  • James Ruske, Jun., age 15, labourer.
  • William Ruske, age 38, farmer.
  • Samuel Ruske, age 13, farmer.
  • Samuel Ruske, Junior, 9 months.
  • Margaret Ruske, age 25.
  • Isaac Waddle, age 15, labourer.

Note:  All are from Craignaboy Townland, left for New York in 1839, and are Presbyterian.

History of Coshocton County, Ohio, pg. 730.
LOVE JOSEPH, Linton township; farmer; born in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, March 1,1836. His father was born in county Donegal, Ireland, and emigrated in 1834 to Philadelphia, and in 1846 to this township. His three brothers followed him to America and preceded him to this county. William and Alexander, two early settlers of Linton township, were great-uncles to Joseph. He began teaching in 1855, and has taught in this and adjoining counties for fifteen years. He was married August 22, 1861, to Margaret Rusk, a lady of Scotch-Irish descent. Her father, William Rusk, emigrated from Antrim county, Ireland, to Guernsey county, Ohio, about 1840, and to this county in 1858. Mr. Love’s family consists of seven children, William, Ella Jane, Margaret Ann, George Rusk, Robert M., Emily S. and Bessie.

Upper Malone Townland, Shankill Parish, Upper Belfast Barony, Lisburn Poor Law Union, County Antrim.  Publication ID 008.  Page# 9 (17 Index).  Printing Date Wednesday, April 30, 1862.  Act 15&16.  Griffith’s Valuation.

  • #14a.  William Rusk is leasing houses, offices, and land from William W. Legge:  37 acres, 2 ro0d, 15 perch.  The land is valued at 60 Pounds; buildings at 12 Pounds.  Total valuation:  72 Pounds.
  • #14b.  William Rusk is leasing a house to George Johnstone.  The house is valued at 1 Pound 10 Shillings.
  • #14c.   William Rusk is leasing a house to Eliza Johnstone. The house is valued at 1 Pound 10 Shillings.

St. George’s Ward, Townparks Townland, Shankill Parish, Upper Belfast Barony, Belfast Poor Law Union, Antrim County.  Publication ID 015, Page# 380 (068 Index).  Printing Date November 22, 1860.  Act 15&16.  Griffith’s Valuation. 

  • #6 Leed’s Street (Ord. S. 36, map 2a?).  Isaac Rusk is leasing a house and yard from Thomas Thompson.  The house is valued at 2 Pounds, 10 Shillings.

Budore Townland, TullyRusk Parish, Upper Massereene Barony, Lisburn Poor Law Union, County Antrim.  Publication ID 008, page# 23 (31 Index).  Printing Date Wednesday, April 30, 1862.  Act 15&16. Griffith’s Valuation.

  • #15 a&b.  John Rusk is leasing a house, offices, and land to Henry Blackwood.  #15a is 13 acres, land valued at 1 Pound 15 shillings and buildings valued at 1 Pound 15 Shillings; #15b is 9 Acres, 3 Rood, and 20 Perch, land valued at 6 Pounds 5 shillings.  Total Valuation: 18 Pounds, 5 Shillings.

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