David Rusk & Margaret Vance – Montgomery Co., IN

1. DAVID RUSK, b. ca 1769; d. 1836. He was married to Margaret Vance. They had the following children:

  • + 2. Betsie Rusk. She was married February 8, 1816 in Adams Co., Ohio to Christopher Mann, son of Jonas and Agnes Mann. She died in Jackson, Johnson Co., Mo. in 1844.
  • 2. Nancy Rusk. She was married December 27, 1821 in Brown Co., Ohio to Samuel Mann. Died in Jackson, Mo.?? (ancestral file)
  • 2. Mary Rusk. She was married October 28, 1824 in Brown Co., Ohio to Jonathan Cooley. She died August 2, 1826 in Waynetown, Montgomery Co., In.
  • + 2. William Rusk, b. 1797 in Kentucky. He was married April 5, 1821 in Georgetown, Brown Co., Ohio to Jane anderson. He died April 26, 1857 in Knox Co., Illinois. He was buried April 26, 1857 in Deatherage, Knox Co., Illinois.
  • + 2. John Rusk, b. 1804. He was married April 1, 1827 in Crawfordsville, Montgomery Co., Indiana to Johanna Ball. He died in 1855 in Rio Twp., Knox Co., Illinois. He was buried at the Rio Baptist Cemetery.
  • + 2. David Rusk, Jr., b. April 18, 1806 in Adams Co., Ohio. He died November 8, 1875 in Montgomery Co., Indiana. He was married first married December 28, 1827 in Crawfordville, Mont. Co., Indiana to MARTHA BALL. He was married a second time January 25, 1848 in Mont. Co., Indiana to MARY B. MUNNS.
  • + 2. Jonathan Rusk, b. August 18, 1806 in Brown Co., Ohio. He was first married February 21, 1828 in Montgomery Co., Indiana to Nancy Moore. He was married a second time February 25, 1855 to Juliana Carter. He died April 21, 1873 in Galena, Jasper Co., Missouri.
  • 2. Margaret Rusk, b. July 11, 1807 in Adams Co., Ohio. She was married January 20, 1825 in Brown Co., Ohio to Samuel Means Cooley. She died January 10, 1846 in Jasper Co., Indiana. (Missouri?).
  • 2. Vance Rusk, b. August 10, 1810 in Adams, Ohio. He married Mary Ann Weidner. He died August 2, 1826 in Waynetown, Montgomery Co., Indiana.
  • 2. Thomas Rusk, b. October 10, 1812 in Adams, Ohio. He was married April 7, 1833 in Crawfordsville, Montgomery Co., Indiana to Elizabeth Munns. He died September 30, 1869, Crawfordville, Montgomery County, IN.
  • 2. Sarah Rusk, b. October 14, 1814 in Adams, Ohio. She was first married May 23, 1839 in Indiana to Amos Stout. She was married a second time December 24, 1856 in Waynetown, Montgomery Co., Indiana to James B. Grenard. She died in 1882 in Morgan Co., Indiana.
  • 2. Julia Ann Rusk, b. 1817 in Adams, Ohio. She was married June 12, 1838 in Crawfordsville, Montgomery Co., Indiana to William H. Stout. She died in 1866 in Indiana.

Unless noted otherwise, the following chronology is extracted from the Rusk Roundup article on David Rusk (Rusk Roundup, Nov. 1979).

  • 17??.  A David Rusk appears in early tax records of Fayette Co., KY.
  • 1800.  A David Rusk is taxed in Fayette Co., KY.  19 Aug. 1800, Tax list.  KY Early Census Index.  (Kentucky Census, 1810-1890; & “Second Census” of Kentucky 1800 – Ancestry.com).
  • 1800.  David Rusk, (Sr.) bought land 18 November 1800 in Adams Co., Ohio through a land agent in KY.   Deed recorded in Adams Co., Ohio 6 Mar. 1806.
  • 1807.  David Rusk taxed in Adams Co., OH.  Tax list.  Pg. 29, OH Early Census Index.  Also a David Risk on Pg. 28. (Ohio Census, 1790-1890 – Ancestry.com)
  • 1807-8.  Robert Rusk of Adams Co., OH was making land deals during 1807/08.
  • 1808.  David Risk taxed in Wayne Twp., Adams Co., OH.  Tax list.  Pg. 37, OH Early Census Index.  (Ohio Census, 1790-1890 – Ancestry.com) 
  • 1809.  David Rusk taxed in Adams Co., OH.  Tax list.  Pg. 30, OH Early Census Index.  (Ohio Census, 1790-1890 – Ancestry.com)
  • 1816.  Betsie Rusk was married 8 Feb. 1816 in Adams Co., OH to Christopher Mann.
  • 1820.  David Rusk (Sr) listed in 1820 U.S. Census in Byrd Twp., Brown Co., OH.  (13-3;-1212;-1-5) 7 males in his household and 5 females besides his wife.  Listed adjacent to William Liggett and David McBride. (Indexed on Ancestry.com as David Rush. Pg. 330-331)
  • 1821.  William Rusk is married 5 April 1821 in Brown Co., OH to Jane Anderson.  On oath of Robert Rusk
  • 1821.  Nancy Rusk is married 27 Dec. 1821 in Brown Co., OH to Samuel Mann.  Robert Rusk present.
  • 1822.  Robert Rusk secures land in Montgomery Co., IN.  This land is included in Robert Rusk’s will.  In 1825, this land is deeded by David Rusk (Sr.) to John and William Rusk. 
  • 1823. Oct. 25.  Will of Robert Rusk, Montgomery Co., IN.  Given orally to Jonas and Agnes Mann.  Property left to his two brothers John and William Rusk.
  • 1824.  David Rusk (Sr) sold his land in Brown Co., OH.
  • 1824.  John Rusk was married 14 Oct. 1824 in Brown Co., OH to Jane Wardlow.
  • 1824.  Mary Rusk was married 28 Oct. 1824 in Brown Co., OH to Jonathan Cooley
  • 1825.  Margaret Rusk was married 20 Jan. 1825 in Brown Co., OH to Samuel M. Cooley.  John Rusk present.
  • 1836.  David Rusk died in 1836, Montgomery Co, IN.  His will mentions two youngest daughters Julianna and Sarah, the grave of his daughter Mary Cooley.  Executors are son John and son-in-law Samuel M. Cooley.  Money was paid out to Samuel Mann “in rights of his wife”, to Chris Mann, and also to David, William, Jonathan, Thomas, and Vance, his sons.

4 Responses to “David Rusk & Margaret Vance – Montgomery Co., IN”

  1. David Vance Rusk Born in TX and died in Illinois Says:

    Revisting family genealogy which I did 25 years or so ago–just books and research from home and around. Now redoing, correcting and expanding. My mother took the Rusk Roundup and I used at that time but after her death I couldn’t find her copies. Don’t know if they exist. Her father was David Vance Rusk born in Texas. I found David’s everywhere as you probably have–just interested in what ties may exist–Will be researching our Rusk side soon and posting on ancestry.com what I have right now. Just wondering if copies of Rusk Roundup organized in any location. Marlena Thank you.

    • johnlamont Says:

      Hi Marlena,
      Thanks for your post. I have copies of the back issues and have scanned them too. You can access them online at my private Rusk Roundup Revisited site on Google Sites. I’ll send you an invite.

  2. David Vance Rusk Born in TX and died in Illinois Says:

    How do you ssend me an invite. Was looking through Rusk things tonight. My email right now is wollmc@hotmail.com although I will be gone for week or so. I would llike to revisit the Rusk roundup if you would invite me–I am not the greatest on computers so a detailed direction would be appreciated. I had the names listed previously on my posted board and think William rusk sone of DAvid Sr. is our linck but not sure. I can go from my mother Doris V. Rusk to David Vance Rusk to Ralph Medway Rusk and then John Paul Rusk but have next generation WILLIAM ? and don’t have siblings for John Paul. Thanks for answering and I will try to get back here more often. Marlena

  3. Troy Rusk Says:

    First off, I think it’s great what you’ve got here. I can lose myself in this stuff for days. Thank you for putting this thing together!

    I am Troy William Rusk, son of Chris Ellis, son of William Porter, son of, John Terance or Terrence, son of George E. or W., son of William. I live in Montgomery Co., IN.

    I just figured out that the graves of my gf, ggf, gggf, and ggggf are all within a 20 minute drive of my home, which is pretty cool. The trouble I’ve run into here is with my ggggf William b. 01/08/1815? d. 09/08/1882 or 1883. I have located the cemetery in which he’s buried online. But, something seems strange about the story of his origin.

    As I’m sure you know, there have been a lot of William Rusks out there. This one in particular was married three times, and had sixteen children. I come through his second wife.

    It is claimed in a book called, “History of Montgomery County, Indiana” that he was born in Maryland, on the same day as The Battle of New Orleans, in The War of 1812, and came to Indiana as a boy. It sounds interesting, but I haven’t been able to verify any of it.

    It seems that about every Rusk I find reference to in this area over the last 150 years or so has descended directly from him. That would be great if his story didn’t seem to dead end. But as it is, I’ve hit a wall.

    Have you run across this William? Does the story fit with any of your research? Did he maybe not come directly to Indiana, instead maybe arriving via Ohio, Kentucky, or Illinois?

    Any help here would be great. If you have any questions about my lineage, I’d be happy to help if I can. Thanks again! I hope to hear from you.

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