1786-06-27.  The Maryland Journal and Baltimore Advertiser.  
Taken up as a stray, by the subscriber, living in Baltimore county, near Isaac Henry’s Tavern, a dark Bay Mare, between 13 and 14 hands high, a natural trotter, appears to be about 8 years old, and hath no visible brand. The owner is desired to prove his property, pay charges, and take her away, or she will be dealt with as the law directs. Charles Rusk. June 25, 1786

1787-03-13. The Maryland Journal and Baltimore Advertiser.
Sheriff’s Sales. To Be Sold, on Saturday the 17th Instant, at 11 o’Clock in the Forenoon, on the premises, A Valuable House and Lot, on Market-Street, late the property of David Rusk, seized and taken at the suit of William Hammond, Administrator of John Hammond, by virtue of a Fieri Facias to me directed.

1787-04-10. The Maryland Journal and Baltimore Advertiser.
To Be Sold, on Saturday next, at Eleven o’Clock in the Forenoon, on the Premises, The House and Lot wherein David Rusk now lives, extending, in front, on Market Street, from Mr. Adam Gants’s to Mr. Edward Murray’s, and running back to East-Lane, commodiously situated for either a Store or Tavern, and to be sold for Cash only, by David McMechen, and Richard Ridgely, } Trustees. Baltimore, April 9, 1787.

1787-08-07.  The Maryland Journal and Baltimore Advertiser.
August 1, 1787.  On the Petition of David Rusk, a Prisoner in Baltimore County, to the Chancellor, praying the Benefit of the Act of Assembly, entitled, “An Act respecting Insolvent Debtors,” – Notice is hereby given, to the Creditors of the said Petitioner, that the Nineteenth Day of September next, is appointed for a Meeting of the said Creditors, at the Chancery-Office, in the City of Annapolis; and that a Trustee, or Trustees, will be appointed on that Day, on their Behalf, according to the Directions of the said Act : And it is ordered, that this Notice be published Six Weeks in the Maryland Journal and Baltimore Advertisers.  Test., Samuel Harvey Howard, Reg. Cur. Can.

1792-07-19. The Baltimore Evening Post.
Baltimore. On Tuesday the 17th inst. died at his farm near this town, after a few day’s sickness, in the 40th year of his age, Mr. Thomas Rusk – and on Wednesday Evening his remains were interred in St. Paul’s church yard, attended by a number of friends and relatives, who sincerely regretted the premature death of an orderly, worthy and industrious fellow citizen. — He has left a disconsolate widow and children to deplore their loss.

1800-06-17. Federal Gazette & Baltimore Daily Advertiser
List of letters remaining in the Post-Office, Baltimore, June 6, 1800. Helen Rusk, Arnold Rusk.

1817-06-16. Baltimore Patriot.
Sale By Auction. On Wednesday, the 18th instant, at 4 o’clock, P.M. on the premises, by order of Mr. Wm. Flannigain, trustee of James McCausland, A Lot of Ground, No. 42, being part of a tract of land called Orange, as conveyed by Robert Rusk to said McCausland, fronting 100 feet on the Philadelphia Road, and running back 400 feet, with the improvements thereon, consisting of a comfortable Two Story frame Dwelling-house. The Lot is at present occupied as a garden. The terms will be made known at the time of sale. Vany Wyck & Morgan, Aucts.

1821-05-03. Baltimore Patriot.
List of Letters remaining in the Post Office, Baltimore the 1st May, 1821.
Persons calling for letters on this List, will please be particular in mentioning that they are advertised, else they will not receive them. . . . Robert Rusk

January 8, 1823. Baltimore Patriot.
Trustee’s Sale. In pursuance of a decree of Baltimore coun- court, sitting as a court of equity, the subscriber will offer at public sale at the Exchange, on Monday, the twenty-seventh day of January, 1823, at one o’clock, P.M. the following property: . . . The House and Lot, in Pitt-st. Old Town, occupied by Mr. Robert Rusk. This is a remarkable fine lot: fronting on Pitt-street thirty-feet, and running back 175 to Union alley. The lot is admirably improved by an excellent two story brick house on Pitt-st. out houses, and a slaughter house and stable. This lot is subject to a ground rent of $20 per annum.

Also, another Lot, on the same street, of the same dimensions as the former. On this lot is a good stable and an excellent slaughterhouse; a ground rent also $20 per annum.
Terms of sale are, one fourth in cash on the ratification of the sale, and the remainder in three equal payments at six, nine, and twelve months, from the day of sale; each of the above payments to bear interest from the day of sale.

Immediately after, at the same place, in pursuance of a third decree of said court, the following property will be sold, to wit:
. . .
John Glenn, Trustee. December 31st, 1822 – Jan.

1823-01-17. Baltimore Patriot.
By order of the Commissioners of insolvent debtors for the city and county of Baltimore, notice is hereby given to the creditors of Robert Rusk, an insolvent debtor, that a personal discharge hath been granted to the said debtor, and that the fourth Saturday in next March term of Baltimore county Court, hath been fixed for the final hearing in his case before said Court.

The said creditors are required to attend at the Office of the said Commissioners in the Court-house, in the city of Baltimore on the 24th day of February next at 4 o’clock in the afternoon, and nominate a trustee or trustees, to be appointed for their benefit and to give all the information in their possession to the said Commissioners, to enable them to report to the said Court.
Dated the 24th day of December, in the year 1822. Jan. 9 –law3m

. . . . (more articles – insolvent debtors)

1830-06-18; Baltimore Patriot.

Died, Suddenly of an appoplectic fit, yesterday afternoon, at a quarter past 3 o’clock, Mr. Robert Rusk, in the 72d year of his age. His friends and acquaintances are invited to attend his funeral this afternoon at 5 o’clock, from Pitt street extended.

. . . .. (more articles).

1856-07-18; The Sun
Died, On Thursday morning, 17th instant, at 10 o’clock, John Rusk, Sr., one of the oldest Victuallers of this city, in the 79th year of his age.

His friends and acquaintances are respectfully invited to attend his funeral, on this (Friday) afternoon, at five o’clock, from his late residence, No. 85 Greenmount avenue. The victuallers of the city are respectfully invited to attend.


2 Responses to “Maryland”

  1. jim kahl Says:

    I have a photo c 1910? of a saloon on the corner of Belair Rd and Patterson Park Dr , Baltimore On the corner is a sign advertising:
    Lots for Sale or Lease
    Eutaw Heights
    apply to
    RUSK & RUSK ….
    Law Building
    It’s difficult to read trying to enlarge it. Just curious if you have any history to this. My main interest is my maternal grandfather built several homes in the area and perhaps had purchased them from “Rusk & Rusk”

  2. Mary Katherine Goddard: Publisher and Postmaster – thedaly2 Says:

    […] work either. On the third page,we see advertisements in the newspapers. Check it out here. Similar to some of the other works, these ads were just retyped to make it easier to […]

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