William Rusk and Sarah Wilson – Menallen Twp.

Following are records relating to William Rusk and his wife Sarah Wilson of Menallen Township, York County, Pennsylvania.  According to George Wilson’s will in 1785, his daughter Sarah married William Rusk, his daughter Lydia married John Griffith (who later in 1770 marries Alice FAULKNER, daughter of Thomas Faulkner and Eve Faulkner), and a third daughter unnamed (Alice) married James Hammond (who later in 1765 marries Mary BLACKBURN).

  • 1745.  Sarah Wilson, born 1 mo. 15, 1745, daughter of George Wilson and Ruth Douglas, widow.*  
  • 1762.  William Rusk.  Menallen Township.  Tax.  Township was later in Adams County, PA .  (An Alphabetical Listing of the Assessed Inhabitants of York County, PA, for the year 1762, book 2, by South Central Pennsylvania Genealogical Soceity).
  • 1772.  Sarah Rusk witnesses the marriage of “John Mickle junr, son of John Micle senr of Manallin Township in the County of York and Province of Pennsylvania and Rebekah Griffith, Daughter of Thomas Griffith late of Township County and Province aforesaid.”*
  • 1777-1780.   ~William Rusk.  Fines.  4th Battalion York Co.
  • 1779.  William Rish, Acres: 60; Horses: 2; Cattle 5; Tax: 40.0.0.  Manallen Twp.
  • 1780.  William Risk, Acres: 50; Horses: 2; Cattle 2; Tax: 19.5.0.  Manallen Twp.
  • 1781.  William Rusk. 50 acres, 2 horses, 3 cattle.  Tax. 1.17.3  (refused).  Manallen Twp.
  • 1782.  William Rusk. 50 acres, 2 horses, 3 cattle.  Tax 3.18.11.  Manallen Twp.
  • 1783.  William Rusk. 60 acres, 5 inhabitants.  Tax.  Menallen Twp.
  • 1785.  William Rusk noted as husband of Sarah Wilson in the Will of George Wilson.  Executors: Benj. Wilson and Jonathan Wright.  Manallen Township.  Children: Benj., Lydia wife of John Griff, Sarah wife of William Rusk and (son in law James Hammond – wife’s name not given).  Grandchild: George Hammond.  (Abstracts of York County, Pennsylvania Wills, 1749-1819, by F. Edward Wright).
  • 1790.  William Rusk.  U.S. Census.  York Co. Mixed Twp.  1 1 3
  • 1793.  Sarah Rusk witnesses the marriage of “Thomas Blackburn, son of Thomas Blackburn and Alice his wife of the Township of Monalon County of York and State of Pennsylvania, and Sarah Griffith, Daughter of John Griffith and Lidia his wife of the Township County and State aforesaid.”  Menallen Monthly Meeting records: 16th of 10th mo. 1793.*
  • 1800.  William Rusk.  U.S. Census.  Menallen Twp., Adams Co.  1 Male, 2 Female.
  • 1806.  Sarah Rusk witnesses the marriage of “Abner Griffith, son of William Griffith and Sarah his wife of Bedford Township in the County of Bedford and State of Pennsylvania and Mary Owen, daughter of John Owen and Sarah his wife of Tyrone Township Adams County and State aforesaid.”  Menallen Monthly Meeting records: 25th of 6th mo. 1806.*
  • 1810.  William Rusk.  U.S. Census.  Menallen Twp., Adams Co.  1—111–12-
  • 1818.   William Risk – Menallen Twp., weak. Bequests to: Uriah, William, John, George childdren of William Moore; William and Margaret McGunn(?), children of Margaret McGunn; William son of George Wilson; grandchildren of brother James Risk; children of sister Jane; wife: mentioned; executors: George Wilson, John Ebert; witnesses: Jacob and Eli Thomas, John Wright; written: 18 Jan. 1818; probate: 29 Jan. 1818; Ebewrt renounced; recorded: pg. 15 (Note: surname is Rusk in renounciation and in 1810 census).  “Abstracts of Adams Co. PA Wills 1800-1826.”  Greenholt. Gc974.801 Ad1gr – Allen Co. Public Library.
  • 1823.  The Republican Compiler. Jan. 1, 1823, pg. 3. Gettysburg, Pennsylvania. (First appears Dec. 4, 1822 and continues through March 5, 1823.  Also appears in The Adams Centinel).  “A certain Tract of Land, situate in Menallen township, Adams county, containing 130 acres, more or less, adjoining lands of Nicholas Detrick, John Ebert, the heirs of William Rusk, deceased, and others, on which are erected a stone Dwelling House and Log Barn– the Estate of Jacob Thomas, Eli Thomas, and Joseph R. Thomas.
  • 1826.  The Republican Compiler. April 26, 1826, pg. 3. Gettysburg, Pennsylvania.  Notice is Hereby Given, To all Legatees, Creditors, or other persons concerned, that the Administration Accounts of the Estates of the deceased persons hereinafter named, will be presented to the Orphans’ Court of the County of Adams, on Tuesday the twenty-third day of May next, to wit:  The account of George Wilson, executor of William Rusk, dec’d.
  • 1826.  Mar 22.  Died.  On 7th, Mrs. Sarah Risk, 81, Menallen.  “The Republican Compiler” published in Gettysburg.   Adams County, PA Newspaper Extracts – Deaths.  http://www.rootsweb.com/~paadams/nxpdeath.htm

*Note:  Information above marked with an asterisk ‘*’ on the Wilsons, Griffiths, and Hammonds of Menallen Twp., York Co., PA was found on Sarah Leslie Griffith’s Web site for “Descendants of William Griffith”: http://www.pal2pal.com/genealogy/GrifDesc/


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