Charles Risk & Rebecca Boggs

September 22, 1794.  Philadelphia Gazette, Pennsylvania
On Thursday evening was married by the Rev. Dr. Ewing, Mr. Joshua B. Bond Merchant to Miss Rebecca Risk, only Daughter of Mr. Charles Risk, Merchant, of this city. 

October 8, 1794.  Philadelphia Gazette and Universal Daily Advertiser, Pennsylvania.
Died, on the 4th inst. after an illness of se- [article cut off]

History of the Friendly Sons of St. Patrick and of the Hibernian Society for the Relief of Emigrants from Ireland March 17, 1771-March 17, 1892.  Philadelphia : Hibernian Society, 1892.
Charles Risk, 1790. – Was a merchant at 40 South Water street and 39 South Front street in 1791.  A marriage license was issued April 30, 1772, for Charles Risk and Rebecca Boggs.

Anthony Kennedy, 1790. – Resided in the Northern Liberties, Philadelphia. His will, dated March 15, 1828, and proved October 7, 1828, mentions his four children, John, Andrew, Pendleton and Anthony; his nephews, Anthony Kennedy Joyce, Andrew Joyce and John Joyce, sons of his niece, Rebecca Joyce, and her husband, James Joyce, of Bucks co., Pa.; David Risk, Anthony Kennedy Colhoun, and his nieces, Jane Risk, Lilly Colhoun, and her husband, Benjamin C. Olhoun.  He gave to the Hibernian Society a tract of land in Westmoreland co., Pa., containing 400 acres.  This is the tract of land which figrues so prominently in the minutes of the Society.  He also gave a tract of land to the Orphans’ Asylum of Philadelphia, on to the Pennsylvania Missionary Society, one to the Ben Salem Presbyterian Congregation of Bucks county, Pa., and another to Rev. Thomas I. Biggs, of Frankford, Philadelphia.  It is to be hoped that the donees named had better luck with their tracts of land than the Hibernian Society.
[Note:   John Kennedy of County Donegal, Ulster, Ireland and His Descendants, A Compiled Genealogy (Including Risk, McCoy and Pendleton) by Kathryn Chambers Torpey, CG, is available from Heritage Books, Inc. at:
ISBN 0-7884-3373-3 Pages: 132 Price: $28.00.  For overview, see  -JHL] 

1814-04-04.  Voice of the Nation.  Pennsylvania.
Marshall’s sale . . . right, title, and interest of (late) Walter Stewart, deceased, in and to the following tracts of land, patented. . . . in that part of the County of Clearfield which was lately a part of the County of Huntingdon; surveyed on warrants dated July 27th, 1792, in the names of the following persons, viz.

Deborah Stewart
Wm. Stewart
Henry Stewart
Ann Stewart
Robert Stewart
Walter Stewart
Adam Stewart
Charles Crawford
James Crawford
Charles Risk
D. H. Conyngham
Francis West
John West
Wm. H. West
Mary Ann Stewart
. . .

Also. . . .
(Walter Stewart. . David H. Conyngham. . .Charees Steart;, . . . William Lewis. . . )


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