Rusk Roundup Revisited – Google Site

June 7, 2009

I’ve started a private Rusk Roundup Revisited site using  If you’re interested in Rusk genealogy and in seeing the new site, let me know at my e-mail:  jhelmer. . . .  I’m hoping to get more people involved in adding Rusk information to the site.


Rusk Roundup Archives

October 9, 2007

I had the pleasure of meeting Bill Palmer in Olympia, Washington recently, and I’m excited to say that he has given me the Rusk Roundup archives.  Bill is the son of Dorothy Palmer, former editor of the Rusk Roundup, and he and his sister have kept the files on hand since their mother passed away in 2001.   These materials will be invaluable in supporting the Rusk DNA project, and I look forward to working with the files and sharing information with Rusk descendants.

Original Rusk Roundup Issues

September 21, 2007

Special thanks to Grant Ruske for sending me the following issues of the original Rusk Roundup:

  • Vol. IV, No. 2 & 3. Summer & Fall 1983.
  • No issues published in 1984.
  • Vol. V, No. 1. Spring 1985.
  • Vol. V, No. 2. Summer 1985.
  • Vol. V, No. 3. Fall 1985.
  • Vol. V, No. 4. Winter 1985.
  • Vol. VI, No. 1. Spring 1986.
  • Vol. VI, No. 2. Summer 1986.
  • Rusk Family Organization Membership Directory.

Now I wonder whether Vol. IV, No. 4, Winter 1983 was published; whether Vol. VI, No. 2 is indeed the last issue; and whether indexes were published for issues beyond 1980.

Original Rusk Roundup Issues

September 5, 2007

For the record, I have copies of the following issues of the original Rusk Roundup, which I copied from the LDS microfilm:

  • Vol. I, No. 1. November 1979. 
  • Vol. I, No. 2. Spring 1980.
  • Vol. I, No. 3. Summer 1980.
  • Vol. I, No. 4. Fall 1980.
  • Vol. I, No. 5. Winter 1980.
  • Vol. II, No. 1. Spring 1981.
  • Vol. II, No. 2. Summer 1981.
  • Vol. II, No. 3. Fall 1981.
  • Vol. II, No. 4. Winter 1981.
  • Vol. III, No. 1 & 2. Spring & Summer 1982.
  • Vol. III, No. 3. Fall 1982.
  • Vol. III, No. 4. Winter 1982.
  • Vol. IV, NO. 1. Spring 1983.

The first issue states “Along with a new Editor, The  RUSK Family Organization Newsletter assumes a new name, a new size and a slightly different format.  We hope you will like it.”  I’m curious to know if anyone has copies of the pre “Rusk Roundup” newsletters, or any newsletters from after Spring 1983.

Griffith’s Valuation

September 4, 2007

I just finished adding Rusks from Counties Derry, Down, Fermanagh, Mayo, and Monaghan found in Griffith’s valuation.  There are a few entries that are missing dates.

More Pennsylvania entries

August 20, 2007

In addition to the Irish Tithe Applotment surveys mentioned in my last post, I also checked many indexes for the Pennsylvania counties of Chester, Washington, and York.  I’ve added the entries to the Pennsylvania Archives + section of this site. 

Tithe Applotment Surveys – Ireland

August 20, 2007

I spent the last week in Fort Wayne, Indiana at the Federation of Genealogical Societies (FGS) conference.  While there, I managed to do some research at the Allen County Public Library, including looking up Rusks in the the Tithe Applotment surveys for Counties Cavan, Donegal, and Monaghan.  There are also entries in Counties Down, Derry, and Fermanagh, but I didn’t find these counties listed in the printed index to counties and parishes on the Tithe Applotment microfilms.  I did find one of the Fermanagh entries in one of the microfilm rolls coverinh County Monaghan.  I’ve added all of the Tithe Applotment entries to this site and will be adding additional Griffith’s Valuations over time.

Pennsylvania Archives

August 7, 2007

I’ve been using the free digitized version of the Pennsylvania Archives at to extract information on Pennsylvania Rusks.  Entries were found in the city of Philadelphia and the following counties:  Bedford, Chester, Cumberland, Delaware, Lancaster, Northumberland, Perry, Philadelphia, Washington, York.

Griffith’s Valuation

August 7, 2007

I’ve added two more Irish counties (Antrim & Armagh) with information on the Rusks from Griffith’s Valuation.  As time permits, I’ll add other counties.

Early American Rusks and Irish Rusks

July 4, 2007

I’ve extracted information from the Rusk Roundup including a listing of the earliest known Rusk ancestors for members of the Rusk Family Organization and information on Rusks of Ireland from the Tithe Applotments and Griffith’s Valuation.