Rusk Roundup Archives

I had the pleasure of meeting Bill Palmer in Olympia, Washington recently, and I’m excited to say that he has given me the Rusk Roundup archives.  Bill is the son of Dorothy Palmer, former editor of the Rusk Roundup, and he and his sister have kept the files on hand since their mother passed away in 2001.   These materials will be invaluable in supporting the Rusk DNA project, and I look forward to working with the files and sharing information with Rusk descendants.


5 Responses to “Rusk Roundup Archives”

  1. David Vance Rusk Born in TX and died in Illinois Says:

    I am excited as I did a lot of searching through the Rusk Roundups in 80’s and then put on back burner till now. My paper and pencil information does not have references etc. just names and I think the copies my mother kept got destroyed on her death–know I did not get them. So am excited to hear availability to revisit in the future. My mother was Doris V. Rusk– her father was David Vance Rusk, son of Ralph Medway Rusk sone of John Paul Rusk and from there I have questions marks.

  2. Virginia Risenhoover Says:

    Are there still folks at this Rusk site? Our line is Rusk of County Cavan

    • Marlena Woll Says:

      I actually subscribed to Rusk Toundup but they never showed back up after my mother passed. She had them at that time. I cannot find passwords but would like to access any information. Available but not very good at computer access. My mother was Doris Virginia Rusk daughter of DAVID Vance Rusk born in Canyon – Amarillo area of Texas. I’d appreciate any help to access your information.

    • Virginia ah Says:

      Looking for Rusks On Mar 16, 2017 12:30 AM, “Rusk Roundup Revisited” wrote:

      > Virginia Risenhoover commented: “Are there still folks at this Rusk site? > Our line is Rusk of County Cavan” >

      • Marlena Woll Says:

        I refer to at times. I want to verify all information I have collected and prove it. I have time now to do this. Some of my information has been collected over years. I saw a Rusk DNA project but would have to get my last male cousin to do the y Chromosome. Expensive and I’d pay for so that’s the issue. He just doesn’t have finances as illness. Have you done that ?

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